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2016 Events

Annual Christmas Open House


If you couldn't make it to our Christmas Open House, you missed out on the good food, fellowship and all the new goodies to be had!  We hate that we missed you, but we're sharing photos so you can see some of the goings on. 

Start planning now for next year!

Registration first!  (But we saw some skip right on over to the food).  Folks signed up for our Email Newsletter, and a chance to win one of several door prizes given away. 


Yum Yum Yum - clearly the crowd favorite - get the recipe click here

Now on to the many wonderful surprises inside...

The kitchen was first, with spices, mixes, honey, crackers, cups, mugs, glasses, towels and cookies - Oh My!

Once we left the kitchen, we were greeted by a beautiful and elegant swan, covered in jewels and wearing a crystal necklace!

Now it's on to the Main Room where we found a white, cream and gold theme with so much elegance.  It was too much to take in unless you made several return trips to see what you missed...

Next it's on to the jewelry and clothing!  Wait, is that Cinderella and her footman?
She's such a cute little piggy - isn't she?


There were soaps, and lotions, and sprays galore!

There was a great seating area to rest your weary feet and back.  Best of all, the weather was beautiful for both days!

Remember this?  Joe hard at work trying to get everything ready for the Christmas Open House, and Sharon hiding out somewhere?

The End!

(Or is it just the beginning?)