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Boxes Boxes

Joe and Sharon found so many new items at the show in Atlanta, that the warehouse is full, yet the deliveries continue.  Unpacking has begun...sorting and pricing will soon follow.  Stay tuned... 


Look what just came in!

Birdie Lamp 

Isn't this lamp adorable?  We have several new ones in stock, all with high quality fabric shades and decorations that just make the pieces.  You have to see all of them, but be warned, it will be hard to choose a favorite!

Check out the honey!  So good, and so good for you too...


Savannah Bee Company 

We have a new flavor of honey, "Black Sage".  Sounds intriguing, doesn't it?  Come on by for a sample, and you just might be surprised at the wonderful flavor. 

These little glass holders are going fast.  We're already preparing a re-order, so you'd better get in soon to choose yours. 


While at market, Joe and Sharon discovered this little item featured on Shark Tank.  Use it to hold your glasses, headphone wires, name badges...the list is endless.  Joe was famous for losing his glasses around the shop, and now they're right where he can find them. 

This just in...Gun Powder is back!  Yep, we now have the fragrance that is proving to be the most popular, right here, right now and on the shelf.  We also have other new and delightful smells from South.  So come on by and bring your nose.