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     Some really good news...

Auto Trouble 

Joe and Sharon made it back from market loaded with all kinds of wonderful and interesting ideas.  Every detail has been carefully planned and noted for this Fall and the upcoming Christmas Open House.  In the meantime, deliveries arrive daily and the shelves are being stocked with all the treasures they found.  Come on by and see for yourself!  We've posted a couple of the newest items here just to whet your appetite...

1818 Farms

A brand new bath and beauty product, 1818 Farms.  Soaps, cremes, lip care...a fantastic assortment of goodies. 


While at market, Joe and Sharon discovered this little item featured on Shark Tank.  Use it to hold your glasses, headphone wires, name badges...the list is endless.  Joe was famous for losing his glasses around the shop, and now they're right where he can find them. 

This just in...Gun Powder is back!  Yep, we now have the fragrance that is proving to be the most popular, right here, right now and on the shelf.  We also have other new and delightful smells from South.  So come on by and bring your nose.